How often over the years have I craved that something new and innovative would liven up the traditional world of tartan! So it was with delight that I was introduced to the bubbling (fast-boiling would be more accurate) enthusiasm of Moira Dalgetty when she introduced me to her very beautiful mosaics.

These mosaics are works of art, fabric sculptures if you like – tartan tartans where narrow strips of Scotland’s iconic fabric are woven together, interlaced to form striking wall decorations and conversation pieces.

That these bespoke three-dimensional creations now grace some of the ‘highest offices in the land’ is a measure of their unique cultural and aesthetic appeal. At long last a breath of fresh artistic air is blowing away some of tartan’s inevitable cobwebs.

Brian Wilton, Director, Scottish Tartans Authority

These wonderful mosaics are a stunning example of how tartan can be used to create a modern and contemporary image, while retaining a strong association with Scottish culture and tradition.  Moira has created a bridge joining past and present.  This is art at its best because it warms the spirit and makes everyone smile!”

John McLeish, Chairman, Scottish Tartans Authority

These tartan mosaics are amazing – you’re drawn into them.  They are eye-catching on walls and can tie in any specific clan you wish, a mixture of many clans, as well as no clan at all – just mosaics of tartans woven together from the same colour palette.  They are magic! A must-have.

Ken MacDonald, Vice-Chairman, Scottish Tartans Authority

The Castle Gallery in Rothesay is always interested in novel ideas that demonstrate quality and passion from the artist. One such idea, which has developed radically in the past year, is the brainchild of Moira Dalgetty. Her concept gave a new interpretation to a classic Scottish icon, the clan tartans. Moira’s idea was to use existing tartans and weave them into new combinations to suggest unity rather than isolation of peoples. The work is well presented, beautifully executed and timeless in style. The work has been very well received since its display in the Gallery, with people of all nationalities finding them fascinating.

David and Caroline Gardner, Castle Gallery, Isle of Bute

Moira`s collage of my own family tartans – Mackay, Scott , MacPherson & MacGregor – bound boldly within its black frame, hangs prominently in our living room and says with greater effect and immediacy than any birth or marriage certificate, who we – parents, sons-in-law and grandchildren – are.

John Mackay, Cults, Aberdeen

What I find truly wonderful and intriguing about Moira Dalgetty’s tartan mosaics is that interwoven with the obvious decorative qualities and bold visual impact of each piece, she embeds a meaningful message into the deep layers of fabric….one of interconnectedness…celebrating our individuality in unique strands while reminding us that we are inextricably linked to the rest of humanity. Using traditional materials and techniques Moira creates modern visual metaphors …reminding us above all things to respect the diversity that is in our DNA while striving for unity.

Louise Brennan-Stewart, Director, Seagull Gallery, Inverclyde

When I asked Moira to create a piece of art, I asked that she use my family tartans, the MacKay and McIntosh, while also incorporating some of the tartan of my city, Glasgow.
We discussed the concept together and now that I have the finished work, I am truly in awe of Moira’s skill; I can pay her no better compliment than to say that Moira has captured, in the weave of the mosaic, all those statements about me and my life, that I so wanted the work to express…

Glenn Elder, Glasgow

Tartans are combined in rich mosaics resulting in fabulous collectable artworks. Each piece is unique and the artist uses her skill to marry both colourful and muted tartans together to create exceptionally pleasing and tactile work. Anyone with a connection to Scotland will love these.

Louise Burns, Director, Christo’s Gallery, Glasgow

A stunning and creative example of Scotland’s tartan heritage with a modern twist. Crieff Hydro is proud to display these marvellous pieces of art which have proved to be appreciated and admired by guests, visitors and everyone involved in our business.

Stephen Leckie, Chief Executive, Crieff Hydro Limited

A truly stunning and unique piece of art from a truly unique and talented artist.

Andrew Calverley, Director, Zen Information Security

It is in our blood and is part of our heritage to share with all the wonder that is Scotland. The mosaic is the history woven together from generation to generation and shared with all who we touch and touch us.

John Smith, Atlanta, USA

We are very happy to exhibit Moira’s tartan mosaics at the Lime Tree Gallery.  They are met with great admiration and interest by all visitors, with everyone commenting on how innovative they are.  Especially with the prospect of commissioning mosaics for wedding gifts, Moira is doing something very special here.

Joanna MacAulay, Lime Tree Gallery, Fort William

I commissioned one of Tartan Connections’ fabulous pieces for my husband’s Christmas present, comprising the ancient and modern McKay. I was absolutely delighted with it and more importantly, so was my husband. It is so very unique, and is an heirloom to pass on to our daughters.
As he was so pleased with it, I decided to commission another using his ancient McKay and one of my family tartans, the Scots-Italian. I gave this to him to mark our 10th wedding anniversary. It is unique to us and is therefore priceless!

Emma Neilson, Director, Dick Winters Ltd.

As weavers, Bute Fabrics are creators of the highest quality fabrics woven in the most contemporary colours, sold throughout the world. As such, we are continually exposed to new ideas and design concepts and indeed 65% of our turnover is custom. On the world stage Moira’s work is outstanding and stunning, its complexity and detail creates a visual effect that is beautiful and captivating. This isn’t superficial pop art – these unique mosaics are enthralling works of art that will be enjoyed for centuries.

James Sprint, Managing Director, Bute Fabrics Ltd.

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